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Manufacturing production scrap metal

How to Reduce Scrap in Manufacturing

6th February 2023

In manufacturing, scrap is the leftover material you cannot use and will have to discard after production. One of the biggest improvements manufacturing companies can make to their production process is to reduce scrap. While scrap is an inevitability for most projects, high levels of scrap can lead not only to unnecessary waste, but higher […]

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Lightbulbs and energy

Saving Energy in Business

30th November 2022

Is your manufacturing firm struggling with the UK energy crisis? Are you looking for ways of saving energy and money for your business? It’s always important to find ways to save energy, but now more than ever it’s becoming a necessity. How the energy crisis can affect businesses According to Retail Technology Innovation Hub, the […]

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Jigsaw Pieces

Enterprise Resource Planning in Business

31st October 2022

What is enterprise resource planning? All businesses, big and small, need to plan their resources efficiently. This is what we call enterprise resource planning (ERP). Companies normally achieve this using an ERP platform, a type of software that helps them to manage and integrate the essential parts of their businesses. What ERP involves An ERP […]

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business person with clipboard

What Is Quality Control in Business?

28th September 2022

In business and manufacturing, quality control (QC) is the procedure of ensuring that a product or service meets specific criteria for quality or meets the customer’s requirements. Quality control involves the inspection of the product or service to ensure quality assurance (QA). Why you need quality control in your business Creating a product or putting […]

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Sales handshake

The Dangers of Overselling

26th August 2022

Is your sales team overselling? Working in sales can be extremely stressful, what with the constant pressure to meet sales quotas and ensure client satisfaction. In their quest to make plenty of sales to meet their targets, many salespeople fall into the trap of “overselling”. And this can seem to be an easy way of […]

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Staff Shortage

Using Technology to Overcome Staff Shortages

28th July 2022

If you’re suffering from staff shortages, struggling to recruit new people to operate your machinery and run your manufacturing process, you are not alone. This is a common problem among companies we have spoken to, and for many others across the UK. British firms are struggling to recruit According to a survey from the British […]

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Improving your Machine Tool Productivity

24th June 2022

Improving your Machine Tool Productivity without Costly Trials and Testing. For Machine and Tool production planning even a small improvement in efficiency can save a lot of time and effort, but finding the right solution takes time. Time you might struggle to find. It becomes a vicious circle. Typical problems you might have… There is […]

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