Implementing MMS

Implementing MMS is easy.

Identify a “super user”. This is often the planner.
Complete the Implementing MMS setup list that identifies which options you want to use.

Use our templates to:

  • Create a product list
  • Create a machine list
  • Create a machine types list
  • Every machine is allocated to a type. Every machine is also allocated to a “cell”. Cells are numeric – there is no list the system offers you cells that exist in the machines list. The dashboard and some reports can be “cut” by machine type and cell. The plan can be viewed by cell.
    (Machine types are also used in routing)
  • Create a machine/product/cycle time list
    If a specific machine/product cycle does not exists the system will use the machines default cycle time to calculate planned run times and for the purposes of OEE.
  • Create a routing list – a list of products and the machine types they are processed on
    (Only required if you are importing sales orders)
  • Create a downtime reasons list
  • Create a scrap reasons list
    Reasons lists are used in data collection to analyse downtime and scrap and then in reporting to classify downtime and scrap.
  • Create a list of operators
  • Create a list of setters
    In the system setup you can identify if you want to collect setter names when data collection identifies any setup time. If set to no (perhaps your operators set the machine) then the setter list is not required.
  • We will create your database and test it – then you are ready to start planning!

You are now ready to create your first plan!