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Quality Control Software

How can our quality control software benefit your business?

Quality management software to reduce failures

Designed for customer quality assurance. MMS’s quality control system helps you to uphold your production quality standards through corrective and preventive action. Implementing our MMS quality management software system helps your team to reduce quality failures by:

quality control software


Giving you options to carry out quality checks as part of your hourly data collection or separately by Q-techs

quality control software


Offering a default list of checks for you to apply to every product, specific checks for specific products, or a combination of both

quality control software


Applying specific checks and ensuring that operators, supervisors or Q-techs are aware of current concerns

quality control software


Letting you easily maintain your checklist through MS Excel, keeping your system up to date and effective

Software features

How can you keep your product quality up to standard with our efficient quality management system?


Using Excel, you can quickly create an up-to-date checklist for your machines and products.

Not just a tick box

With our quality control system, you can:

  • Collect multiple data types
  • Where check is yes/no enforce a keyword is entered to pass – typing “NOSHORTSHOT” is more likely to make the user think about the question and check the part than just requiring a tick in a box
  • Hold a min/max value for numeric entries (such as a dimension) – entries outside these parameters are recorded as failures in reporting, and the user is advised
  • Collect comments
  • Assign admin permissions for saving any failures, to ensure correct escalation

Who collects it and when?

This QMS allows you to:

  • Set time intervals for enforcing checks if each machine has a terminal
  • Enforce a “first off” when a job starts recording runtime in data collection
  • Use a separate Q-tech screen showing current running jobs and upcoming jobs, so your quality technician can plan their checks


Our quality control reports offer:

  • A list of checks per planned job, allowing you to drill down on any checks carried out when you have a failure, enabling retraining and reinforcement
  • A number of checks by jobs with average interval between checks

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