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Machine Plan Management System

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Whether you’re looking to improve your planning, improve quality or focus your resources with data-driven decisions we are there for you every step of the way.

We’ll improve your

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MMS makes planning easier and more accurate. Your plan is visible to all who need it on a PC or mobile device. It is always up to date because it links to data capture

Improve your quality


Whether it is operators, supervisors or quality techs who need to carry out quality checks Machine Plan Management System has an option that works for you. Instant reporting of checks carried out shines a light on failures in production and quality functions.

Improve your decision making

Decision making

Accurate OEE data, scrap and downtime analysis lets you and your team focus your efforts where they will make a real difference.

“With a manual planning system, manual shift sheets and manual quality check sheets we just about managed for 30 years. Then we won new business with higher quality and on-time delivery expectations. Our volumes increased by 30%, batch sizes dropped and very quickly our planning became much more complex and spiralling out of control. We didn’t know what the weekly plan was or exactly where we were in the plan. Quality became much more difficult to control. Every week we were having to work overtime to complete the work in hand – but no one could tell me what would happen if we didn’t.

MMS changed all of that over-night. The plan was driven by our sales orders, based on realistic run and set-up times and we could see which orders were going to be late so we could change the plan, negotiate a new delivery date or work overtime. Product specific quality checks signed off by the user meant we had checks driven by up to date quality concerns and specifications. We now had good downtime and scrap data so we could start working on improving our efficiency.

MMS completely changed the way we work, allowed us to retain the new business and increased our profits.”

Peter Kottmann

CEO of the BHK Group