About Machine Plan Systems

Our mission is to improve your OEE, quality and on-time delivery

About Machine Plan Systems

About Machine Plan Systems and What we do

MMS simplifies the journey to effective planning, effective quality control and producing data you can use to improve your business.

Why we are different

At Machine Plan Systems we understand that the technology isn’t important. It’s the results that count. We promote the system as a service on a monthly contract because that keeps us focussed on getting results for you and ensures we develop a long-term partnership. We already incorporate features and reports that world-class companies have identified as important to their success. We are committed to continuous improvement through listening to our customers’ requirements and delivering the results they need.

About Machine Plan Systems

“Using experience built on developing bespoke systems for automotive mould and paint plants we have taken the key features those world class companies need and built them into a system that works for any batch manufacturer. Combining an electronic planning board with all of the performance reporting you need we have designed it to run in the cloud or on your own server.”

Chris Longley

CEO of Machine Plan Systems