Data Collection Software

How can data collection software benefit your business?

Data collection software for accurate, timely reporting

MMS’s data collection system is designed to make collecting production data in your batch manufacturing as easy and accurate as possible. Implementing the MMS data collection system helps your team improve your business through:

data collection software
Keeping your production plan up to date
data collection software
Providing feedback on current downtime and scrap problems
data collection software
Providing Pareto data for downtime and scrap trends to facilitate improvement
data collection software
A dashboard providing the numbers you need for reporting

Software Features

How do our customers achieve accurate data collection, reduce downtime and scrap?

Data collection wizard

  • A system that walks even inexperienced data collectors through the process
  • System ensures 60 minutes is accounted for in runtime, set-up time or downtime
  • Collect scrap and downtime by reason
  • All data is collected against planned jobs
  • Supervisor can collect data for multiple machines or each machine can have a terminal
  • Multiple quality control options

  • All OEE components (Uptime, quality, efficiency) and many other metrics available
  • Data cut by cell or machine, by date range, weekly totals or by shift
  • Scrap and downtime pareto charts with drill down from machine to reason

  • There are lots of standard reports to choose from around OEE, downtime and scrap
  • Premium installation service includes 3 additional reports to meet your requirements
Non-batch production recording

  • Our non-batch production recording is ideal for paint and assembly type operations