The Dangers of Overselling

Is your sales team overselling? Working in sales can be extremely stressful, what with the constant pressure to meet sales quotas and ensure client satisfaction. In their quest to make plenty of sales to meet their targets, many salespeople fall into the trap of “overselling”. And this can seem to be an easy way of attracting new business.

But this could be what’s hurting your business the most.

The Dangers of Overselling to Your Customers

When your company oversells in the short term, it ends up being harmful to your business reputation in the long term. For a manufacturing company that needs to produce a product as and when the order comes in, some orders can be difficult to fulfil in time. In the end, you’ll only struggle to keep the promises of your sales team.

And if your sales team are making promises your production team and manufacturing machine planning can’t keep, and they end up underdelivering on the order, it will make your business look:

  • Unorganised
  • Unprofessional
  • Untrustworthy

It can cause you to lose your existing customers and any potential ones in the future.

How to Stop Overselling

So what can you do about this? You may think this is a problem you just can’t solve. How can you maximise communication between your sales teams and your operations teams to make plenty of sales that you can deliver on?

That’s the beauty of our Machine Plan Management System. It can produce reports at any time to tell you how long a particular order will take to fulfil – and when you’ll have the time to fulfil it. With a proper planning system, you’ll be able to plan your production better and keep your sales team more informed before they talk to the customer. No more overselling and no more underdelivering!