Enterprise Resource Planning in Business

What is enterprise resource planning?

All businesses, big and small, need to plan their resources efficiently. This is what we call enterprise resource planning (ERP). Companies normally achieve this using an ERP platform, a type of software that helps them to manage and integrate the essential parts of their businesses.

What ERP involves

An ERP software system can include various components, depending on the needs of your business. For example, it could integrate your sales, manufacturing, and human resources. Whatever you need, you can join everything together to allow these different departments to share information more efficiently.

Why you need an ERP system

We’ve talked before about the dangers of your sales team overselling. And there’s also the risk of underselling. That’s why you need to plan your resources effectively.

With a proper ERP system, your business benefits from better:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency

Once you ensure proper resource planning within your company, your sales team will benefit and be better able to make sales, close deals, and leave your customers happy.

How you can implement effective resource planning

With the right software to plan your manufacturing, you can better plan your sales and organise your staff. If you know how much time and resources your company has, and how much it needs for your existing projects, your sales and HR teams will both benefit:

  • Sales will know how much time and resources are left for new jobs and new customers.
  • HR will know how many staff members you need to recruit.

That’s where our Machine Plan Management System will help. Our MMS is designed to let you know precisely how much of your time, staff and resources you are using. That way, you can properly plan your workload, forecast future sales, and keep things running smoothly.