What Is Quality Control in Business?

In business and manufacturing, quality control (QC) is the procedure of ensuring that a product or service meets specific criteria for quality or meets the customer’s requirements. Quality control involves the inspection of the product or service to ensure quality assurance (QA).

Why you need quality control in your business

Creating a product or putting together a service will cost you both time and money. Without proper quality control in place, that time and money can go to waste. What’s more, you run the risk of poor customer service or faulty products going to your customers, which will come back to haunt you later on.

With a proper quality control procedure, you can ensure constant maintenance and improvement of your products/services and maximise customer satisfaction. It will allow your business to become a thriving environment where your employees do their best to make everything ship-shape.

How can you add quality control to your business?

If you want an effective quality control procedure for your business, you’ll need to establish the following:

  1. Standards: Establish the standards that you want your product or service to meet. Create benchmarks for ideal product/service quality and train your staff to this level.
  2. Action: Decide what actions you will take as part of your inspection. For a manufacturing firm, this would involve testing your products and deciding how many of them to test.
  3. Data: Check whether your products/services are up to scratch and meet the standards you have established. Collect data on your products/services and any issues they have.
  4. Correction: Decide the best corrective action to take on these issues. In manufacturing, this would mean fixing or stopping the production of defective products.

You should repeat this quality control process regularly to spot new issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality control in manufacturing

In a multi-step manufacturing process, you should utilise quality testing at each step of the process. This includes:

  1. Testing the raw materials you use
  2. Pulling samples from the manufacturing line
  3. Testing the final product

If a problem occurs at any stage of the process, you will better be able to identify it and fix it as soon as possible.

How quality control software will help your business

With the right software, keeping your product quality under control will be easier than ever, and you can help your team to keep quality failures as low as possible.

That’s where our Machine Plan Management System comes in. Our MMS’s quality control system is designed to assist your business with the quality control process and help you achieve quality assurance.