Saving Energy in Business

Is your manufacturing firm struggling with the UK energy crisis? Are you looking for ways of saving energy and money for your business? It’s always important to find ways to save energy, but now more than ever it’s becoming a necessity.

How the energy crisis can affect businesses

According to Retail Technology Innovation Hub, the energy crisis in the UK can impact businesses in the following ways:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Difficulty recruiting new staff
  • Possible power cuts
  • Disruptions in the supply chain
  • Difficulty accessing finance

How you can save energy in your business

So, how can manufacturers help reduce their energy usage and save money for their businesses?

Through careful planning and scheduling. By reducing downtime and wasting less time and energy.

In the past, machine downtime has cost British manufacturers over £180 billion each year, providing more and more need for production planning and data monitoring to keep things running smoothly.

And with the right resource planning system, you can improve your production planning and reduce machine downtime in between jobs. You can turn 12 hours into 10 each day, increase your workload capacity, and of course save on the energy you use to complete each order.

How much you can save with production planning software

Using our own MMS, we have managed to minimise the time and energy we waste in between jobs. Thanks to the correct scheduling and organisation of our workload, we recently saved about 10% on our monthly energy bill (about £3,500).

With Machine Plan’s energy-saving production planning software, you can improve your machine and labour utilisation. You can increase your workload capacity, or alternatively reduce work hours and overtime costs.

Plus, with our accurate data collection, you can quickly find out which of your machines are not running efficiently and fix the issue before it gets worse. This will reduce your machine downtime, your scrap, and therefore your costs.