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If you’re suffering from staff shortages, struggling to recruit new people to operate your machinery and run your manufacturing process, you are not alone. This is a common problem among companies we have spoken to, and for many others across the UK.

British firms are struggling to recruit

According to a survey from the British Chambers of Commerce for Q1 2022, about 4 in 5 firms had trouble finding new staff. Among the most likely firms to report this difficulty are those in the manufacturing industry, with 80% experiencing recruitment issues.

These businesses also reported a number of issues contributing to their recruitment problem – for example, COVID-19, greater wage competition, and foreign workers being less available nowadays.

Employment has fallen

According to an article from the House of Commons Library, examining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK industries, employment had fallen by 9% in manufacturing by December 2021 since pre-pandemic levels. At the beginning of the pandemic, job vacancies were cut in half, but since then they have increased dramatically and reached over 65% higher than pre-pandemic levels.

The Institute for Employment Studies blames these labour shortages mostly on a growth in economic inactivity. There are more people now who are not working nor looking for work. There is also, as many businesses have said, a shortage of foreign workers in the UK. A lot of EU nationals, due to COVID-19 and Brexit combined, have returned to their countries of origin.

What can you do?

With this in mind, how can businesses like yours cope with this strain in the workforce? By simplifying your manufacturing process and reducing your company’s needs for manual labour. With the right machine planning software, you won’t need to find as many workers to run your manufacturing process anyway.

To keep your productivity up despite staff shortages, our MachinePlan Management System (MMS) will improve your machine planning process and help your existing team to optimise production.

Improving your Machine Tool Productivity without Costly Trials and Testing.

For Machine and Tool production planning even a small improvement in efficiency can save a lot of time and effort, but finding the right solution takes time. Time you might struggle to find. It becomes a vicious circle.

Typical problems you might have…

If you recognise any or all of the above problems then its worth investing some time to look over the parapet and see a new world of stress reduced planning ready and waiting.

Deciding what you need
To help speed up your research for an effective Machine Planning System we recommend a basic list of Must Haves:

Machine Tool ProductivityUnderstanding the benefits
Imagine the benefits of a system that shows you in real-time what is going on now on your shopfloor with a dashboard that gives you all the data you need to make improvements.
With Machine Plan Systems you can even get OEE and plan production issues on your mobile phone.
Plus you can you can use mobile phone (4G) to collect data so no hardware issues, Standardise and automate production reporting, and have a full audit trail on each job including operator and setter names, comments, instructions, quality checks, material batch.

Watch our short video to see how Machine Plan Systems in action

machine data collectionSo when is a Free Trial really Free?
Its great that you don’t need to invest before you buy, but wading through multiple options and learning the process before trialling a proper test takes time. Your time. And your time isn’t Free.
With Machine Plan Systems we go the extra mile and set up the trial for you and show you how the production planning software works with your machines and tools in real-time to not only create the efficiencies and save you huge amounts of money, but also saving you time, stress and worry.
We do this by having a quick call to establish your current situation so we can set up a real-time test using our cloud based technology to show you the results. The whole process nay only tale an hour of your time but set you an a road of massive cost savings and stress reduction.

The next step to improving your planning and your profits
No pressure and no lengthy sales speal. Allow us to show you quickly how we believe our software can seriously improve your planning, your business and your profits.
Get in touch with us to set up your Free trial by using our Contact Page or by emailing our demo team at