How can planning software benefit your business?

Planning software for an accurate plan

MMS’s planning system is designed to make planning your batch manufacturing as easy, accurate and visible as possible. Implementing the MMS planning system helps your team optimise their production plan through:

Using standard cycle times to create job run times

Updating the plan regularly with shop-floor data to maintain its accuracy

Feeding back problems such as scrap and downtime

Sharing the plan throughout the business

MMS’s Planning software features

Create an accurate plan

  • Use standard cycle times by product by machine
  • Sequential jobs using the same tooling use shorter set-up (tool change) time
  • Apply machine unavailable times such as breaks and weekends
  • Apply a machine specific planning efficiency %
Keeping the plan up to date

  • The integrated data collection wizard updates the plan each hour
  • Is the plan going to work?
  • Highlight Jobs that will miss delivery dates (make to order)
  • Review anticipated stock based on plan and demand (make to stock)